8 Great Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name

For search engine (SEO) purposes, there has been a temptation of buying a domain name that is stuffed with keywords. For example, if you do a Google search for Xbox 360, you will find close to a million sites with similar domain names all with the name Xbox stuff inside. Some of these names are catchy and will stick in the minds of people, but some are so lame that no one can remember them.

To help you choose the right domain, here are 8 great tips to get you started.

  • 1 Your domain name should be short. My first domain name was as long as my business card. Not only was it hard to remember, but there was a great chance that it would be misspelled when people would try to type my domain in their browser.

  • 2 Your domain name should be simple. Stay away from domain names with hyphens and underscores. If people try to type in your domain from memory, they may forget that there was an underscore or a hyphen in your name.

  • 3 It should be suggestive of your business category. I think this is pretty self explanatory. If you are a web design company, you don't want a domain that is totally irrelevant like blueroses.com.

  • 4 It should be unique. Don't be a copy cat. Uniqueness helps people remember you.

  • 5 It should be easy to interpret and pronounce. I remember having a domain name that when I were to talk to people over the phone, they would ask over and over, "What is the name of your business again?" You don't want that.

  • 6 It should be personalized

  • 7 It should not be difficult to spell. Go with a domain name that even the people with the worst spelling can spell.

  • 8 It should not be difficult to remember. I have two sites that I think have really great domain names. They are WebPuffs.com and Supplement.Bistro.com. They are names that people remember.

I hope this short guide will help you on your next domain name purchase. I always recommend Godaddy for domain purchases. Their domains are competitively priced.

Jon Lewis is an online marketer. He is the author of the blog webpuffs.com. A site where you can find free resources and learn more about how to start an internet business .

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