Flock and the New Facebook

Hi Folks,

As many of you Facebook users may know, Facebook is in the process of rolling out some pretty dramatic changes to their website.  They have been kind enough to make most of their changes available prior to

release for testing, but of course some things change along the way. Fortunately, to make your experience with transitioning to the new pages as seamless as possible, we've been able to make several updates to Flock before the new design is even generally available.

Nevertheless, we know of two issues with the new Facebook that we're still actively working to address.  The first is that you can't update your Facebook status through Flock's people sidebar when using the new Facebook.  Secondly, we're in the process of tweaking how Flock's drag-n-drop works with Facebook's overhaul of their Wall feature. 

We hope to have fixes rolled out in the next week or so.  Thanks in advance for your patience and keep on Flocking!


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